Milk Bar is the sister Bakery to the delicious noodle bar/restaurant chain known as Momofuku. 
Side note: If you go to their noodle bar you have to try the pork bun, mmmm! 

Momofuku Milk Bar is the bakery-inspired dessert branch started by Christina Tosi and David Chang. Before opening milk bar Christina Tosi founded the dessert program at Momofuku restaurants, which included deep-fried apple pie (homage to Mcdonald’s apple pie) and cereal milk panna cotta for ko’s opening menu. I absolutely love the Crack pie!

Milk bar currently has 5 locations in NYC. Toronto is the 6th location, in addition to seasonal pop-up shops and markets in New York throughout the year. Their Kitchen is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where everything is handmade and baked fresh daily!
Go check out and try the best of the best milk bar items, such as compost cookies®, crack pie®, b’day truffles, and cereal milk mix. 
If you're not in the NYC area, don't worry you can also order online and get it shipped right to your door! Head over to  Milkbarstore.com



Thriftiness In Brooklyn

Spotted: Macklemore shopping around Time Warner shopping centre in Columbus Circle yesterday! That’s what I love about NYC, you never know what celeb you’ll run into. After frothing about Macklemore for longer then I'd like to admit,  I finally got back to the business of the day - thrift shopping. 

Brooklyn is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for one of a kind pieces.  Especially since you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg! My one of a kind halloween costume came from Urban Jungle for $5!  And the compliments were flowing all night! 

Each vintage shop caters to different needs.  10 Ft. Single has a great selection of booties & vintage tees. But if you’re looking for high fashion, check out Buffalo Exchange.


Some of my favourites:

Beacons Closet - Williamsburg - 88 n 11th street

Urban Jungle - Brooklyn- 118 Knickerbocker St (between Flushing Ave & Thames St) 

10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas -Brooklyn - 285 N. 6th St.

Buffalo Exchange - Chelsea - 114W 26th St 


A Night With Armani

Can’t afford an Armani suit but still want to feel just as luxurious? Dine at The Armani Restaurant! Located at 5th Ave. and 56th St., Armani is the perfect place to have a glass of wine and unwind after a day of shopping. 

As you step off the elevator, you have been transported already as your senses take in the delicious aroma in the air. Your eyes will feast on a staircase that is perfectly described as..."a ribbon of wonder". This beautiful piece of architecture connects the restaurant to the store. It really has to be seen in real life to appreciate the grandeur.

It's no surprise that the Armani stays true to the name and serves an exquisite menu of italian delights.  I indulged in the ravioli.  This simple dish was done to perfection.  I highly recommend it. Not to mention, a free glass of champagne added perfectly to the pampered experience. 

The Armani Restaurant in New York is a hidden gem. The service, the food and the atmosphere all hit a home run in my books.